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Clean Officespace

Attorney Marti co-founded a dental business at twenty-five years old, knowing very little about the industry. He built his first office by hand and worked over sixteen hours per day to ensure success. He maintained this work ethic as the company grew to over forty locations across the Northeast and was eventually sold to a private equity firm.


While building out his organization, Justin realized that the business model was missing a key element, that is, a legal framework within which to operate.

A lack of fundamental legal principles and iron-clad agreements amongst partners, employees and vendors led to myriad disagreements and even a courtroom battle. Fortunately, Justin took it upon himself to attend law school and became a licensed Attorney, saving you from having to do the same!

Today, Justin and his team use their extensive experience in business to help fellow entrepreneurs and business owners with a variety of legal needs. Unlike most business lawyers - who have never sat in a driver’s seat of a company (losing sleep over how to make payroll or deal with demanding customers and staff) - Justin has been through it all, and it is for this reason that he developed MY MODEL DOCS.


By offering agreements and template packages that have taken years to cultivate and refine, he hopes that these forms and agreements will give similarly situated business owners a leg up in properly structuring their company and business relationships as they face the same challenges he did.

MY MODEL DOCS is by no means a one-size-fits-all methodology. A successful business will require scrupulous financial analysis and operational excellence, not to mention a bit of HR! But alas, if he and his team can help just one fellow entrepreneur to avoid some of the pitfalls that he encountered during his professional journey, then the Model is working!

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