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This website is solely intended for the purpose of advertising and providing general information to My Model Docs visitors and users. Nothing on this website constitutes legal advice and thus no attorney-client relationship is formed. An attorney-client relationship is only formed when you have hired a law firm to assist you with your legal matter and an engagement letter has been fully executed by the parties. 


All sales are final, and we enforce a strict no refund policy due to the nature of the products. Due to the fact that you will receive instant access to the templates and can view all language in the documents upon purchase, we will not allow refunds under any circumstances. By purchasing the template(s), you will be granted one (1) license to use and may not share the template(s) with anyone else. 


While all templates were drafted upon general U.S. contract principles, it is advised that you have your specific contract reviewed by a licensed attorney in your state to ensure compliance with state laws. Note that you are able to modify the templates and documents to adhere to your respective business practices and local state laws. Please do not purchase the templates if you do not reside in the United States, as they are not internationally compliant.

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